Due to Covid, we have made some changes to our schedule and process. Please check our social pages for the most up-to-date information and to place your order online.

  • Cheesy Monday


    Vegans, non-Vegans and people with an intolerance to dairy love this day! It's what makes comfort foods so appealing: Cheese!!!!

    Sandwich: 8.00 with choice of side
    The Sandwich could be one of these or a variation of the following:

    -Vegan Swiss grilled on Semolina with Arugula and Pear Wedges
    -Vegan Swiss grilled on Semolina with Zucchini and
    Fire Roasted Red Pepper
    -Grilled Reuben or Reuben Frankfurter with Vegan Swiss,
    Sauerkraut and Russian Dressing

    Lunch Box Possibilities: 8.00

    -Mac and Cheese baked with Spinach and Tempeh Bacon
    -Mac and Cheese with Porcini Mushrooms and Kabocha Squash
    -Mac and Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes and Panko Crumbs

    Menu above is an example of what a menu may look like on any given Monday. Check our Instagram or facebook for our daily creations.

  • Vietnamese Tuesday


    This is truly Ely's day. She gets to showcase her comfort foods
    growing up with several popular dishes.

    Sandwich:  8.00 with choice of side

    - "Banh Mi" (Saigon Street Sandwich) Vegan pâté
    spread on a French Baguette with marinated Veggies,
    layers of Veg Deli Slices and Cilantro

    Lunch Box: 8.00

    - "Pho" Traditional Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup with Veg Chicken.
    seasoned with Cinnamon, Cardamon, Star Anise and Ginger.
    - "Heavenly Salad" Shredded Cabbage, fresh Salad Greens, Veg
    Chicken, Kelp Noodles, Herbs and Sweet Lime Dressing.

    Menu above is an example of what a menu may look like on any given Tuesday. Check our Instagram or facebook for our daily creations.

  • Taco Wednesday

    Because...why not Wednesday?


    Tacos: 8.00 with choice of side

    From roasted cauliflower to veggie fish to black beans...topped with spicy cashew lime sauce, mango salsa, or red cabbage slaw. Our tacos are always unique and go where no taco has gone before.

    Check out Instagram in the morning to see what we're serving. We may throw in a special sandwich too!

    Lunch Box Possibilities: 8.00

    -"Chili and Biscuit" Adzuki Red Bean and Quinoa Chili
    served with a Sweet Potato Biscuit
    -Hakurei Turnips, Kabocha Squash, Quinoa on a bed of Fresh Salad
    Greens with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette
    -Roasted Tofu tossed with Black Bean Pasta, Fresh Salad Greens,
    Veggies and Mandarin Orange Vinaigrette

    Menu above is an example of what a menu may look like on any given Wednesday. Check our Instagram or facebook for our daily creations.

  • BLT Day


    Sandwich: 8.00 with choice of side

    - "BLT with Avocado" Tempeh Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Vegenaise
    and Avocado on Mike's Semolina Toast

    Lunch Box Possibilities: 8.00

    -Veg BBQ Popcorn Chicken with mashed
    Cauliflower/Parsnips and 
Special Slaw
    -Veg Chicken with Lemon Pepper seasoning on a bed of Greens with
    Quinoa, Sweet Peas and Blood Orange Vinaigrette
    -Veg Meatballs in a Blood Orange Glaze with assorted
    Green Veggies on a bed of fresh greens

    Menu above is an example of what a menu may look like on any given Thursday. Check our Instagram or facebook for our daily creations.

  • Two Sandwich Day


    (Actually it's three sandwiches because we do a variation of the Steak Sandwich)!

    Sandwiches:  8.00 with choice of side

    - Ely's Black Rice Burger with Guacamole and on Vegan Brioche
    - Steak Sandwich on French Baguette
    a. with Sauteed Peppers, Onions, Vegenaise and Lettuce
    b. with Pineapple Habanero, Peppers and Onions

    Lunch Box Inspirational: 8.00

    This is a day when we decide that morning what we're having.
    We ask patrons to call or check out Instagram
    to see what the Lunch Box will be.

    Menu above is an example of what a menu may look like on any given Friday.   Check our Instagram or facebook for our daily creations.

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Our Story

Ely’s to go was founded in 2008 by Ely and Jim Pugh. Ely (pronounced Alee)
hails from Vietnam. Her Asian and French influences, along with her life in America,
inspire the food and the name of the business. Jim, her husband, is from the area
and manages day to day operations. (He bakes a little too). Their Vegan Carry-Out
shared space inside The Bread Chef Bakery for the first three years. Then in 2011
'ely’s' moved to its current location, just two doors down. Each day the menu offers up
several Soups, Side Salads, fresh Spring Rolls, a different Sandwich and Lunch Box,
Muffins, Cookies and Scones. Everything is packaged to go but there are
15 seats for those wanting to dine in.

The menu is completely plant based. Seasonal dishes are fixed fresh daily from
our local and mostly organic suppliers. Our customers are vegan and non-vegan
alike, a diverse group. We compost in our kitchen and recycle most packaging.
Even our industrial look décor is mostly recycled furniture.

At 'ely’s to go' we’re sustaining our planet with more efficient uses of water,
land, and fossil fuels by serving Food For a Lighter Footprint.

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